Senior Tribute: Concordia Softball’s Betsy Asp

With COVID-19 cancelling all levels of ncaa spring sports, kvrr sports tributes those who didn't get to finish what they started

MOORHEAD, Minn. — It hasn’t been the easiest of roads for Concordia Softball’s lone senior Betsy Asp. Concussions ended both her freshman and sophomore seasons then junior year tore cartilage in her knee dung spring play in Florida before deciding to have surgery and become fully healthy for this season.

On the field, Asp had just 17 at bats this season and was on pace to be one of the top hitters with the second best batting average on the team. Through it all, head coach Chad Slyter will remember Asp for one quality that presented itself both on and off the field..

“Betsy’s leadership has literally been second to none in the years I’ve coached softball,” Slyter said. “She’s believed in what were doing in this rebuild. She’s wanted to be a part of it despite her own personal set backs and injuries she’s had.”

Based off the impact Asp has left on the program, when the season came to an abrupt end it made it that much harder for teammates and coaches to say good bye.

“When we had our meeting last Friday, I couldn’t look at her,” Slyter said. “It was very emotional for me knowing that she has battled through a lot of injuries and has stuck with not just our program but me as a coach. “I think Betsy and I really have a good coach-player relationship and she’s really bought into a lot of the philosophies that we have. Not just on the field but off the field changing our culture.”

For Asp, when it came to coping with the idea of putting her collegiate career into perspective it didn’t become real until coach Slyter sent out the message to the team..

“The day before our season was cancelled, we saw another MAIC team cancel their season and division one programs were suspending their play so it became more real but it never really sunk in until the next morning when I saw the text that our coach had sent to the group and it started with three words which was I regret to inform you and I didn’t need to read the rest of the text,” Asp said. “I had some time to myself to come to terms with it being over but the last three days have been constant support from my coaching staff and from my teammates. Hurting with me. For me.”

It takes a strong person to have the realization their season is over before it really even started and Asp hopes the strength she’s showed over the last couple of days helps her teammates moving forward.

“Show all the girls and the whole team what not to do when you’re faced with adversity,” Asp said. I hope to show them to be gracious and to accept that there is more to life than softball. I hope they can learn that softball brings so many blessings, so many great friendships and team building. Its important to carry on this legacy and if anything you have to smile through the pain.”

Betsy graduates in two months with a chemistry degree and hopes to be able to walk in front of friends and family at the college she loves.

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