Burgum finalizes e-learning requirements, orders bars & restaurants to close to dine-in customers

BISMARCK, N.D. – North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum announces schools will be closed until further notice.

He also orders bars, restaurants cafes and breweries to close to dine-in customers to help curb community spread of the Coronavirus.

Burgum signed several Coronavirus executive orders.

Schools have been granted waivers for seven more days which pays teachers and hourly employees. E-learning will also be counted toward instructional hours.

Burgum orders districts to have their plans for virtual learning if schools are closed indefinitely submitted by next Friday. If their plan is denied or not sent in, they will have to hold the remainder of their academic year until June 30.

Those plans would be implemented on April 1.

“Kids are learning from us right now. They’re modeling off our behavior. They’re looking at how do our parents and how do our adults deal with what is an unprecedented situation? We have an opportunity to one of the greatest lessons to all of our students and that’s to see their school district stand up and figure out a way,” Burgum said.

Burgum used the Scranton School District as an example of good planning.

They are using Microsoft teams and one note so students can communicate with teachers and classmates, turn in assignments and access notes.

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