West Fargo public schools prepare to teach students from home

Governor Doug Burgum closed North Dakota schools indefinitely

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo public schools is hard at work planning for what to do in the wake of indefinite school closures caused by coronavirus.

After Gov. Burgum made it clear that school districts were going to need to come up with a plan by next Friday, March 27th, West Fargo focused on what resources were going to be needed to continue educating students from home.

“We have surveyed our students and our staff who has internet at home, who does not have internet at home,” West Fargo superintendent Beth Slette said. “Who has a device at home, who doesn’t have a device at home? Having those conversations about which staff could work remotely and what would that looks like and what tools would they need to be successful.”

West Fargo will continue to provide lunch for students while there is no school.

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