Here’s What You Need To Know If You’re Pregnant And Concerned About COVID-19

There is still very little known about how the Coronavirus can affect pregnant women.

NORTH DAKOTA – According to health experts, pregnant women are not at a higher risk than non-pregnant women of catching the Coronavirus.

Specialists also say it’s very unlikely that the virus could be transmitted from the mother to the fetus.

They also say there’s no evidence showing the virus can be transmitted from mother to baby through breast milk.

There is some research suggesting the baby may be at a higher risk of coming earlier than expected.

“During pregnancy, there is some data suggesting there may be an increased risk for preterm birth or growth restriction and so certainly, women who are positive for the coronavirus we’re going to be watching more closely,” says Dr. Peter V. Van Eerden, Maternal-Fetal medicine specialist at Sanford.

Experts say if you are showing any symptoms or want to know more, to contact you health care provider.

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