Cass County Commission Gives Update on County’s COVID-19 Response

3/4 of the department is now working remotely

FARGO, N.D. — Cass County Commissioners and local officials met virtually to discuss how the county is responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

County Sheriff Jesse Jahner says his staff has enough personal protective equipment, including N95 face masks.

Inmates at the Cass County Jail are being screened regularly to check for fevers or other symptoms of the virus.

Cass County offices are open only by appointment to the public to maintain social distancing recommendations by the CDC.

“If you can do your business with Cass County or over the phone or online, we would want to do that. We understand that there are some cases where that doesn’t work,” says Commissioner Chad Peterson.

Commissioners are working to establish social distancing rules for public meetings.

Find more information on how to schedule an appointment with a county representative at:

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