Bismarck Woman Diagnosed With COVID-19 Speaks Out After Viral Video

The 21 year old uploaded the video to Facebook to raise awareness among her peers.

BISMARCK, N.D. – Alicia Rich is a 21-year old who after being diagnosed with COVID-19 decided to make a video on Facebook that ended up going viral about how dangerous the virus can really be for some.

“I’m shocked. But, I’m glad I’m getting the message out and you know, letting people know that anyone can get it. Yes, I’m young and I’m healthy and it hasn’t, very fortunately, it hasn’t attacked me, like it will other people, who have worse immune systems or underlying medical health problems, but it’s very real and anyone can get it,” she says.

Rich says she’s received a lot of people offering to help, but also people who are looking to her for a diagnosis.

“A lot of people have been asking me how I’m doing, and you know asking if we need anything, which has been amazing. But, a lot of people have been reaching out saying, I’ve had a cough, I’ve had shortness of breath, is this one of the symptoms, and I’m not running a fever but I am showing these things, and that’s a lot of the questions I’ve been getting. Which is fine, I’m just not a doctor, so I really couldn’t tell you,” Rich says.

She also says the positive messages and comments have reaffirmed her how there’s not a community more united like in North Dakota.

“It definitely just shows me what a tight-knit community we have, you know even if it’s all over the state. You know how generous, how caring people are. It’s amazing to know that people have rallied behind me, and help to spread this message,” she adds.

Rich says the next step for her is to not be running a fever for at least 72 hours without medication and then doctors will go from there.

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