Incident Command Center prepares Sanford Health to handle Coronavirus pandemic

The center connect nurses, doctors and hospital experts in order to create the best plans for managing the COVID-19 situation

FARGO, N.D. — There is a confernce room inside Sanford hospital that has become much busier than usual.

The incident command center has brought together a team of nurses, doctors and experts in safety, communication and hospital operations to deal with COVID-19.

“We utilize the incident command center to help coordinate our people, our supplies, our operations, giving our staff all the same message so that we can lock arms and move forward in an organized fashion,” says Sanford’s director of patient experience and incident commander Becky Moch.

The command center has been used before for incidents that require special attention, like a blizzard or a flood, but the coronavirus is much different.

“This is a little more intense in the fact that we need to coordinate not only one building, but all of our sites so that all of our employees and staff have the information and supplies that they need,” says Moch.

“One of the things that this is allowing us is the opportunity to connect with our corporate incident command center in Sioux Falls,” adds Sanford’s vice president of nursing and clinical services, Theresa Larson. “It pulls all four of our markets together and then we discuss what is out there in the landscape of our communities and our states.”

Discussions inside the room include preparations for the potential influx of COVID-19 cases and best practices to manage the safety of and supplies needed for staff.

“Being able to do it as a rapid sequence event versus in a daily operation where it would take a longer period of time to do that because you don’t have all the resources in one place working in one time for the same cause,” says Larson.

What comes along in the future with this pandemic is hard to predict, but with the team inside the incident command center, Sanford feels confident they are ready.

“It helps us in that we are not caught off guard . We are very prepared and ready to take on what we need to handle,” says Moch.

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