Social Distancing: Getting Schooled By A 10-Year-Old At Video Games

Plus Storytime With Local Police Officers


Hey! How was your weekend? I hope you were able to unwind a little bit and focus on yourself.
I got to escape into a whole new world, but it’s just as confounding as the one we’re in right now.

Me and my Little through Big Brothers/Big Sisters set up video chat to keep in touch during social distancing.
I called him over the weekend and he wanted me to play Roblox.
I’m not a gamer, but I downloaded the game and jumped in.
And I have no idea what I’m doing in this. I feel so old. This is actual footage of me playing.
Here’s the thing: I don’t know if there’s a point to Roblox, or if you just run around and jump.
There’s hundreds of different games in Roblox apparently. I didn’t know that. I thought Roblox was the game. Again, I’m lost.
I played with him for about an hour, and I don’t think I accomplished anything except finding a funky hat for my player.
But, I did enjoy jumping and swinging my stick at people, and getting to connect with my 10-year-old Little Brother while he tried in vain to explain this stuff to an old person.

Video games are a great way to connect with kids if it’s something they’re into. But if you need another way to spend time with your little kids, the Grand Forks Police have your back.

Officer LaFrombois with Grand Forks Police read the book Dog’s Colorful Day on the station’s Facebook page.
It’s a cute book!
This storytime is part of the “Books and Badges” hashtag in social media. If you look it up, you’ll find tons of law enforcement officers doing their part to make social distancing a little easier by reading a story for the kiddos.
Such a heartwarming way to help protect and serve our community.

The Fargo Police Department is planning a similar storytime event Monday night at 6:30 on their department’s Facebook page.

How are your little kiddos handling the social distancing? Are you ramping up storytime? Are you adding any theatrics? Maybe some puppets or a funny voice. We’d LOVE to see it.

Message or comment on Facebook or Twitter.

We’ll share what you guys are doing and I’ll keep sharing how I’m adapting. Let’s have a little fun while we’re doing it.

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