Faith and Community Leaders Plea with Gov. Burgum to postpone evictions

FARGO, N.D. – Faith and community leaders are once again calling on the Governor to enact a temporary moratorium on evictions and a freeze on foreclosures.

Organizers say that the eviction moratorium is necessary as the number of people filing for unemployment due to the Coronavirus tops 19,000 cases, leaving many without the ability to pay bills.

Governor Burgum said in a press conference yesterday that while he is not ready to take a definitive action on the issue yet, it is on the agenda and will continue to solicit feedback on an amicable solution for both landlords and renters.

“We do anticipate that the needs in our communities are going to increase for those that are seeking assistance with rent and mortgages,” said Andrea Olson, the Executive Director of the Community Action Partnership, “I think if there was ever a time to assume good intent from our fellow North Dakotans, now is that time.”

The organizers say they aren’t calling for a free pass on rent, just to suspend evictions and late fees until 90 days after the state of emergency is lifted.

Rent is due for most people on April 1st, and organizers are hoping for a decision to be made before that day.

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