NDSU teaches students importance of Coronavirus information

FARGO, N.D. – With the recent changes in society to keep people safe from the virus, some educators are not only shifting how they teach but what they teach.

For a part of NDSU’s Biology department that means making sure that the disease’s most viable spreaders don’t endanger the most physically vulnerable.

They say that with more information, young people will heed local restrictions and make changes that reflect the current situation.

“That they know that they can still become sick with SARS COVI-2 and they are more likely to be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, and that it’s still really important to practice physical distancing because they could be spreading the virus to people that are more vulnerable,” Asst. Professor of Practice Dr. Kimberly Booth said.

Booth and the health professionals at NDSU want to foster scientifically informed people so that they make the best decisions.

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