United Way of Cass Clay Wants To Help Those IAffected By COVID-19

The organization wants to make sure everyone can thrive during these difficult times.

FARGO, N.D.- United Way of Cass-Clay is working to anticipate the needs of our community through these difficult days.

They created the Coronavirus Response Fund.

“The dollars that we’ll be raising through these funds are are going to be utilized to go to the greatest needs in the community. We’re going to make investments in our trusted non-profit partners, because we know that works, we know what’s working in the community when it comes to serving our community and their greatest needs,” President of United Way Cass-Clay, Kristi Huber says.

Another way they say the community can pitch in and help is by supporting Home for Good.

“We think that there will be families and individuals displaced, out of their home, because of economic hardship. And, to also provide an opportunity for those individuals in the community to have tangible support, they can actually help these individuals and families acquire some of the items that we, you and I use everyday to help make a transition for homelessness into a stable shelter more successful,” she says.

The organization created a wish list in Amazon that includes everyday household supplies.

“Think about your morning, this morning, the things that you used, towels, sheets for your bed, pillow, also a coffee maker, you know those basic items that help you get started everyday, these are the same type of items that families in our community need as well.,” she adds.

According to United Cass-Clay ,1,600 people in Cass County have applied for unemployment benefits.

You can click this link if you’re interested in donating to the Coronavirus Response fund , this link if you’d like donate to home for good, and this link if you’d like to donate items from the Amazon Wish list.

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