Media company Livewire switches to live events online during Coronavirus pandemic

FARGO, N.D. – A media company is getting creative to survive during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Livewire Entertainment Media Service of Fargo relied on income from live events.

They were all canceled due to COVID-19.

The company has decided to adapt to the new normal and bring live events to their viewers on social media.

The company has started a showcase of local musical talent on LIVE@Livewire.

“Remaining partially open and partially operating while we try to support the community in a bigger way and also retain the great team that we built. We would hate to shut down for those folks to go get different jobs and as we start back up not to have the same great team and institutional hours that we built up over the years,” Livewire President and Technical Director Kent Kolstad said.

People can make donations and the money is going to the artists. He is also looking for corporate sponsors.

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