Fargo Catering Company Raises Money For Service Workers With Drive Thru Service

Next Friday The Proceeds Will Be Going Towards The United Way

FARGO, N.D. — At Chef’s Table Catering, staff are eagerly waiting to hand out meals freshly prepared for the weekly drive through lunch benefit.

“We have had a lot of repeat customers, people seem to be enjoying it if nothing else it’s giving them an excuse to get out of the house and go downtown.”

The staff at the catering company work for Great Plains Hospitality which also owns businesses like Twist and the Boiler Room in Downtown Fargo.

Hurder says the Coronavirus has dealt a serious blow to the business with everything shutting down around the area.

“We have 150 employees and a good majority of those had to be furloughed until we can come up with what we are going to do with them or what relief we are going to see,” Hurder said.

The staff hands out the meals in bags using the drive-thru service to limit any contact between people for safety reasons.

The cash that each meal makes goes right back into the community and into the pockets of service workers.

As the proceeds will be going to the Fargo Moorhead Service Industry Tip Jar.

“We don’t feel like we are doing a ton right now of course we would love to be in a position to be able to do more trying to take care of our team as well as other people that we work with in the industry,” Hurder said.

He says they are always looking to partner with more groups in the community and at the next Friday’s drive thru the cash will be going to the United Way.

“The service industry or just small business in general a lot of us have had to change how we do business on a day to day business of what we are used to and not seeing the normal traffic we see so I really just encourage everybody to support the small businesses they are passionate about,” Hurder said.

Link for menu and ordering option

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