Fargo Theatre Hosts Netflix Watch Group For People Stuck At Home

Volk Says They Are Working On Planning Another Watch Party.

FARGO,N.D. — The Fargo Theatre brought the big screen experience into the homes of people across the valley.

The theatre hosted a Netflix watch group for the movie “The Craft”.

The movie was decided after multiple rounds of voting over Facebook.

The theatre has been closed since mid-March.

They say the idea came up as a way to keep people connected and still follow social distancing guidelines.

This is the first time the theatre has tried using a watch party.

“We have been looking at ways to try and help people feel like things are still a little bit normal because there have been so many restrictions on where people can go what we shouldn’t do and what we need to do to be safe and one of the things people can do is watch movies on Netflix,” Development And Engagement Manager Josh Volk said.

Volk says they are working on planning another watch party.

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