Fargo Theatre Hosts Netflix Watch Group For People Stuck At Home

Volk Says They Are Working On Planning Another Watch Party.

FARGO,N.D. — The Fargo Theatre brought the big screen experience into the homes of people across the valley. The theatre hosted a Netflix watch group for the movie “The Craft”. The movie was decided after multiple rounds of voting over Facebook. The theatre has been closed since mid-March. They say the idea came up as a way to keep people…

Fargo Theatre Selling Popcorn For Movie Fans Staying At Home

The Money Raised Helps Support The Closed Theater

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Theatre is raising some cash and helping people out who need some snacks with their movie. The theatre sold bags of popcorn for people to pick up on the street side of the theatre for social distancing. The bags are resealable and just a little bigger than their large size sell for 6 bucks. All…

West Fargo’s First Hornbacher’s Opens With Second Floor, Wine and Spirits Shop Inside

there's also juice, popcorn, sushi and hot food bars

WEST FARGO, N.D. —¬†West Fargo’s first Hornbacher’s location is now open for business at the corner of Sheyenne Street and I-94. Hornbacher’s at Gateway West location is the second one in the FM metro to have a wine & spirits shop. Osgood’s location was the first to get one but Gateway West has the first one inside. Gateway West is…