West Fargo’s First Hornbacher’s Opens With Second Floor, Wine and Spirits Shop Inside

there's also juice, popcorn, sushi and hot food bars

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo’s first Hornbacher’s location is now open for business at the corner of Sheyenne Street and I-94.

Hornbacher’s at Gateway West location is the second one in the FM metro to have a wine & spirits shop. Osgood’s location was the first to get one but Gateway West has the first one inside. Gateway West is also the first to have a second level lounge. There’s also popcorn, juice, sushi and hot food bars.

Matt Leiseth, the president of Hornbacher’s, says the 62,000 square foot store’s location is a milestone for the grocery chain.

“A lot of it is West Fargo so fast for so long. All they were doing was building houses. And so now we had to wait to find a spot to build a grocery store,” Leiseth said.

He says the line outside the store was so long this morning that it took almost 15 minutes just to get everyone inside.

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