Fargo Post 2 “Optimistic” About Season; Lay Out How Shortened Season Could Look

Board Chairman Corey Peterson talks optimism toward Legion Baseball season

FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota Legionnares Committee made the decision late Thursday to cancel the upcoming summer baseball season. That decision was met with backlash from clubs all over the state causing the association to go back on their original plan and wait until April 20th to make an official one.

One of the biggest advocates for reconsideration of a season was Fargo Post 2 board chairman Corey Thompson who came out with a statement saying Post 2 and clubs around the state are still planning to have a season.

Talking with the other teams, Peterson says even if the season was not to start in May as normal, a timeline where games begin in July presents a feasible amount of time when its safe to do so.

“We could really do some development camps. Its not really going to be as much as early season stuff as we’d like to see but I think we could very creatively very safely put a meaningful season together,” Thompson said. “Get a robust schedule for these kids because the other programs will want to do the same with everyone wanting to be play ball. I think could get a meaningful season in and even have a state championship here in the middle of August just before football starts up with high school.

The season would’ve started May 17 with practices.

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