Fargo & West Fargo Unveil “Stay Home Save Lives” Directive

With this new directive, they hope people can be "North Dakota" smart when leaving their homes.

CASS COUNTY – “This is not, never leave your house order, instead, I’m trusting each of you to be “North Dakota smart,” says Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

Stay Home – Save Lives is the directive of both Fargo and West Fargo leaders.

“People are smart. They can do the right thing, and this is really a request for them to do that. Give you some guidelines, give you some ideas of what we need to do and ask people to voluntarily do it,” he says.

“We’re doing this to impress upon you how important it is that you stay home, you stay healthy and that in result will keep us from losing more lives in the state of North Dakota,” West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis.

Fargo Mayor Mahoney also encouraged everyone to follow the new CDC guidelines of wearing masks when going outside of your home.

“Masks are not meant to take the place of physical distancing and good hand washing hygiene, but they can be valuable as an additional strategy to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus,” Mayor Mahoney says.

With temperatures getting warmer, city leaders have also seen an increase of larger crowds in park and recreational areas.

“This comes from the North Dakota Park and Recs association a statement that they put out, they said: We think park can be kept in operation as long as users keep their distance and if park becomes a gathering they closure may be needed,” says ¬†Fargo Park Board President Jerry Rostad.

According to a google COVID-19 community mobility report, while retail and groceries have seen a decrease of people in the last couple of weeks, parks have seen an increase of almost 73%.

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