NDSU International Students Discuss COVID-19 Pandemic In Their Countries

The students discussed how the pandemic was being handled and what measures where being taken.

FARGO, N.D.- Nepal had it’s first COVID-19 case on January 25. Their first step was bringing back students studying in Wuhan and keep them quarantined.

They later decided to close their borders.

“Nepal has been in nationwide lockdown since March 25 and the airports were closed, and now airports are closed until mid April,” says Sargam, a Nepali student at NDSU.

There have been nine confirmed COVID-19 cases, but no deaths.

“So, now we have testing centers in all seven provinces and 25 treatment hospitals across the country. So, they are testing now, and the testing and treatment cost are covered by the government,” she says.

The first case in Poland was confirmed on March 4.

“Six days later our government cancelled all mass events, so any concerts, any big events were cancelled,” says Agnieszka Mason, a Polish Student at NDSU.

Testing for COVID-19 has been available since the first case was confirmed.

“From March 4 to present free testing was available to those who had contact with people with COVID-19 or those who displayed COVID-19 symptoms. However not enough tests were available,” Mason says.

The government also limited non family gatherings to two people and religious gatherings to six.

In Nigeria, even before there were any confirmed cases, the country had already been preparing for when COVID-19 hit.

“Before we had our first case, there had been some sort of information spread across the country to be able to make citizens aware of the disease and virus and for them to be better prepared,” Nigerian student Omobosinuloa says.

The country has set up nine laboratories and testing has increased to 1,500 a day.

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