Sabin-Elmwood Fire Department celebrates birthdays during social isolation

The department formed a parade of trucks to stop by the homes of kids on their birthdays

SABIN, Minn. — Normally, the sound of fire truck sirens are heard in the case of an emergency, but this week, the Sabin-Elwood Fire Department found a way to use that noise for something more positive.

“With kids not being able to have birthday parties and fun stuff like that, we figured we could take our fire trucks out and we would come by their house,” the department’s assistant chief Steve Brush said.

For the third night in a row, firefighters from the district gathered together and formed a parade of trucks that drove around the town and stopped by the homes of those kids turning another year older.

With personalized birthday signs, the crew helped to put a smile on those children’s faces who didn’t get to spend their birthdays celebrating they way they are used to.

“It was pretty nice because some people don’t get to experience that good of a birthday especially during this quarantine.”

“It kind of meant a lot since we are still like a small city, out in the country, so I appreciate it because they took their time out of supper time or any time to come and do something for us,” said Gabi Krabbenhoft who saw the trucks stop by to celebrate her 13th birthday.

“It was pretty nice because some people don’t get to experience that good of a birthday especially during this quarantine,” added Isabella Anderson who also turned 13 this week.

The kids weren’t the only ones with a smile on their faces.

“It gives us as firefighters an opportunity to be a part of a positive interaction with the family, instead of typically when it is a fire situation and it is a negative interaction. It is great for the kids, but it is also great for us,” says Brush.

In these hard times, the department hopes the kindness will show people around town that the Sabin community sticks together.

“It is fun for us to be able to see the new young families and it also gives them a chance to see what they community has to offer for them,” says Brush.

Brush adds the department plans to keep the the parades going as long as this social distancing period continues.

For those in Sabin who would like to have the parade stop at their home for someones birthday, message them directly on their Facebook page.

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