Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine approved for children ages 12 to 15

UNITED STATES (KVRR) – The Food and Drug Administration expands use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children 12 to 15 years old. Last month Pfizer said phase three clinical trials found its vaccine was safe and one hundred percent effective in the age group. Preliminary data shows there were no cases among fully vaccinated adolescents compared to 18 given placebos….

Governor Tim Walz announces plan to end MN COVID-19 restrictions

"We're going to have a summer where just the simple things will be back again."

MINNESOTA (KVRR) — Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announces his plan to end statewide COVID-19 restrictions. “We’re going to have a summer where just the simple things will be back again,” Walz said. Walz’s new plan to reduce COVID-19 restrictions could put an end to some requirements May 28 if the state reaches a 70 percent vaccination rate. This Friday some…

Pet Connection: Meet Gru

His minions at Kritter Krazy say it's time you found out how sweet he is.

This week’s pet comes to us out of one of the most successful animated movie franchises of all time. But unlike his namesake… this guy is not grumpy. He’s actually a pretty smiley guy, just like the rest of his species. Say hello to Gru the leopard gecko, who’s introduced to us on this week’s Pet Connection by his human…

Moorhead travel agency says demand for travel is rapidly picking up

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – Those with a local travel agency say demand for travel is picking up quickly. Tod Ganje with Travel Incorporated in Moorhead says flights are already filling up into next year. With vaccinated Americans potentially allowed back in Europe soon, Ganje says river cruises are in high demand. He also says people who are vaccinated against COVID-19…

Pet Connection: Meet Nyx

Get your fix of cute with Nyx.

This time of year there’s something about the weather that just energizes you. And getting outside to enjoy it is much better with an animal friend. So this week, we’re bringing you a critter who’s got just as much spunk, sparkle and sweetness as the wonderful spring weather. Not to mention, she’s just as pretty. Nyx is a five-year-old terrier…

LIVE: Shaping the Future of the West Fargo Library

West Fargo and its librarians want to hear about you.

Libraries and their programs have gotten a real workout in the pandemic, and for all you’ve probably learned there, now the tables are turning. This time around, the folks at the library want to learn about you. The city of West Fargo’s massive growth in the last few years means the demographics, interests and needs of the city are changing….

LIVE: Fargo Theatre Reopens

The curtain rises on the theater's new, post-pandemic life this Saturday.

It’s one of downtown Fargo’s most iconic sights. But sadly, the Fargo Theatre itself hasn’t seen much of us for an entire year, as its stages have sat empty and screens have sat dark for more than a year. Saturday, it all comes back to life, as audiences are invited to return for the first time since the pandemic struck….

LIVE: 150 Sails Up in Detroit Lakes

Set your course for the celebration of 150 years of sun, fun and sailing in lakes country.

Late April might seem a little early to get out on the water in lakes country, but it turns out it’s the perfect time for a regatta. That’s because this Friday, April 30th, you can see 150 sailboats in a single location before they launch toward their new permanent homes all over the city of Detroit Lakes. Detroit Lakes sculptor…

Minnesota assistance program helps struggling renters

"It's going to be a good thing for the state of Minnesota, it's a good new program that I think will help get people back on their feet."

MINNESOTA (KVRR) — A new program is helping Minnesotans catch up on their finances. “Any individual that lives in the state of Minnesota, it’s a new program a lot of it is because of the impacts of COVID-19 and having inabilities to work and being sick and things like that. So, it’s definitely allowing people to get back on their…