LIVE: A Shot At Staying Healthy

Shots aren't much fun. But they're more fun than being sick.

FARGO — Students at West Fargo and Moorhead public schools are set to start school on Thursday.

And that means there are only a few days left to get your kids up to date on their shots.

New kindergarteners need chicken pox, tetanus, and Hepatitis B vaccinations, as well as the measles/mumps/rubella shot, and the polio vaccine.

Doctors recommend kids sixth grade and under also get vaccines for bacterial meningitis, and tetanus boosters.

You can get the shots on a walk-in basis at Fargo-Cass Public Health’s immunization clinics on the 23rd and 24th.

Medical experts say there are a lot of ways parents can help their kids prepare, such as having them bring a favorite toy, and holding their child during the appointment.

You can also ask that they use a distracting device that simultaneously numbs the injection spot with ice while vibrating to distract the child.

Epidemiologists say the shots can also help keep the whole family from getting sick now that Covid rates are on the rise and flu and RSV season is around the corner.

The Morning Show’s Bree Bolin visited with Sanford Health professionals to get more tips about protecting your family with vaccines.

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