3D-Fuel encourages customers to print PPE with discounted prices

The Fargo based business is offering 20% off filament for 3D printing with code COVID19HEROES

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo-based buisness 3D Fuel has found a unique way to lend a hand in the fight against COVID-19.

“It’s kind of like hand sanitizer,” said the company’s CEO John Schneider. “It may not sound that essential. It’s not really the cool part of  virus response, but it is still incredibly important.”

The company, which supplies filament to customers in order to produce projects off of 3D printers, noticed an increase in demand from those looking to print personal protective equipment (PPE) as healthcare facilities across the country continue to see their supplies diminish.

“We started seeing more people buying 3D printer filament from US based companies and we wanted to do our part to help.  We offered a pretty substantial discount on our filament,” said Schneider.

Despite seeing their own stock of filament wear very thin as they try to keep up with the increase in orders, 3D fuel is offering a 20% discount to anyone purchasing from them in order to print PPE.

While the company itself does not 3D print, they are busy working daily to make, on average, 200 spools of filament per day, which would be enough to print 4,000 face shields.

“Face shields were kind of the main thing. You can still print a very effective face shield,” explained Schneider. “A 3D printed face mask doesn’t seal as well, so that is not as recommended unless it is a last ditch scenario. The other piece of PPE that is being printed now is a holder in the back for face masks so it is not wearing on people’s ears so much.”

The company plans to continue to encourage those with 3D printers to buy their products at a discounted rate because they know how important it is for everyone to do their part.

“We are not in this to be making money off of the situation. We just want to make sure that we can help as many people to be printing PPE as we can,” said Schneider.

You can purchase filament at 3Dfuel.com and use the code COVID19HEROES for 20% off.

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