Cass County Jail Inmate Tests Positive For COVID-19

The inmate has mild symptoms and is in isolation

FARGO, N.D. — An inmate currently in custody at the Cass County Jail tests positive for the coronavirus.

Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner says the staff at the jail has been preparing for this exact situation.

“We predicted that at some point, we would probably have an individual who would come in who was, you know, who was infectious with the virus, so we figured that that would probably happen at some point.”

That point came last Tuesday, April 7th, when a man in his 30s was arrested by Fargo police and booked.

“Our normal procedure now is to, when we get new intakes in, is to isolate them so that our medical staff that we have at the jail can do a further assessment,” says Jahner.

The inmate was held in isolation through the screening process, where he did not have direct contact with any other inmates.

After showing symptoms, he was tested for COVID-19 Thursday afternoon.

His test came back positive yesterday.

“And so that person will continue to be isolated and monitored by our medical staff.”

Sheriff Jahner says any incoming inmates will go through the same isolation process.

“Obviously, it worked. We caught this person before they could make it back to our general population, so we feel very confident with the process that we have in place and will continue to work through that process.”

Although, no one else at the jail is showing symptoms, some staff members who were in contact with the inmate are quarantining at home.

Those at the jail will continue to take precautions.

“Our staff is constantly sanitizing and cleaning the inside of the facility, whether we have someone in there that’s positive or not,” says Jahner. “Those things were definitely in place both before, during and, you know, to this time.”

Personal protective equipment like masks, gloves and sanitization products are provided for all inmates and staff.

Fargo Police officials say the officers who made the arrest are following health guidelines.

No further comments have been made on their conditions.

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