MSUM Proposes Cutting 10 Majors, 66 Positions to Make Up For $6 Million Budget Shortfall

There would also be cuts in three administrator positions, 43 faculty and 20 staff positions.

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A $6 million budget deficit for Minnesota University of Moorhead is leading the University to proposing cuts to majors and staff.

10 majors would be cut including advertising, international studies and the university’s theatre arts program. There would also be cuts in three administrator positions, 43 faculty and 20 staff positions.

MSUM Union Faculty President Matt Craig says they were told in February about potential cuts and says he disagrees with how the university is handling the deficit.

“It was hard seeing all of these things that affect our community and affect our students and affect people I have known for 20 years.”

President Anne Blackhurst says proposed cuts are difficult to make.

“We looked at our assumptions about enrollment and our allocations from the state of Minnesota and our expenses which are largely personal expenses which are largely personnel and salary and benefits.”

President Blackhurst says students in the programs will be able to finish their degrees and students who are enrolling in the university will be contacted.

Craig says the programs being cut denies students a more well rounded education experience and can change how students complete their general studies for their degree.

“We have students who take hundreds of those courses every year and I have no idea how we will fill that need.”

He says the Student Senate will be meeting with the university about the possible changes and says the cuts can leave a lasting impact on the university and community.

“I do not think that the administration has not thought through the consequences of these decisions and part of our role as faculty is to help them understand those consequences.”

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