Moorhead Public Library offering no-contact curbside delivery amid pandemic

The program is also available at the Detroit Lakes, Crookston and Barnesville public libraries

MOORHEAD, Minn. — For libraries across the metro, being open to the public goes beyond lending people books.

“The services don’t stop just because the building’s closed,” says West Fargo Public Library Director Carissa Hansen.

Although they can’t provide all services they did before their buildings were shut, librarians are still trying to reach community members while maintaining physical distancing guidelines.

“In these new formats, we’re seeing people that we see in the library, which is awesome, but we’re also seeing people that have never participated in anything like that before,” says Hansen.

Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead libraries have all implemented live-streamed readings and increased audiobook and ebook access.

“One bright side is, you know, trying new things, finding new ways to reach people,” says Moorhead Public Library Director Megan Krueger.

Although the virtual world stretches far, some who may lack internet access may be missing the normalcy of flipping through a book.

Moorhead Public Library has found one way to safely get books and movies in the hands of those who want them.

“They’ll pull up to the library, give us a call, and we’ll walk their items out in a paper bag, and it’ll be a no contact pickup service.”

The library’s no-contact curbside delivery allows people to place their order online or through a hotline, and pick it up when it’s ready.

The librarian sets the items down 6 feet away from the driver’s car and walks away, making the interaction completely contactless.

“People have been pretty excited to be able to come in and, you know, get a couple of movies to watch, and some of them have been waiting for those books for quite a while now, so they’re really happy to get those items,” says Krueger.

She says the staff is happy to do what they can at the moment, but they look forward to opening the library’s doors back up.

Find more information about the curbside delivery program at

If you have questions, you can call (833) 522-5275.

West Fargo Public Library is also considering implementing curbside delivery and pickup.

Hansen says it may be available in early May.


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