Taxi Services Take Measures To Protect Drivers and Customers

FARGO, N.D. – Taxis in the region are having to implement stricter guidelines in order to protect their drivers from the threat of the coronavirus.

Doyle’s Yellow Checkered Cab has installed protective barriers in all of their cabs to separate drivers from passengers.

They have also implemented cleaning policies for all of their drivers after every fare, and provided gloves and masks to protect their drivers.

Another layer of protection was to stop all in-cab payment processing. You can only pay for your cab fare using their app or over the phone.

“I’ll be honest, when this outbreak started, drivers were scared to drive. We balanced it out by protecting drivers, so now they feel much more comfortable, and clients feel comfortable as well,” said Kerim Nughbegovic the General Manager for Doyle’s Yellow Checkered Cab.

The company says that not accepting cash payments has hurt business, but ultimately they felt it was the responsible choice to make.

Doyle’s recommends that if you need to use their cab service, to use their app to book your ride.

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