Job Service North Dakota works to keep up with unemployment claims

FARGO, N.D. – With many people finding the unemployment process difficult, we asked Job Service North Dakota how they are handling things.

The organization says it initially wasn’t prepared for the surge of applications.

Each year Job Service takes in 20,000 claims. Since March 27th, they have received more than 60,400.

Job Service says due to budget issues, they weren’t able to upgrade their software for several years and were only able to process claims one at a time. They hope that with the governor’s new relief fund they will be upgrading soon.

“Even if somebody is able to go to work in another two, four, six weeks, even if they are going back to work, but had this unemployment period they will get benefits if they registered for them,” Sarah Arntson with Job Service North Dakota said.

There has been Workforce Coordination Center lists for people to sign up to volunteer or job opportunities related to the COVID-19 response. Click here for more information.

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