Tuszka NFL Bound

Derrek Tuskza 20' was drafted by the Denver Broncos with the 254th overall pick

FARGO, ND – We’ve touched on the possibility of N.D.S.U.’s Derek Tuszka getting drafted. The dream the of playing for an N.F.L. Has finally become a reality. In the second to last overall pick in the 2020 N.F.L. Draft, the Denver Broncos selected the now former bison. The F.C.S. All american had a fairly decent showing at the combine after playing in the East-West Shrine Bowl. He’s the fourth bison in the last four years to be drafted and the 37th in program history. Yet, he’s not the only one heading to the big stage. Former NDSU tight end Ben Ellefson signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars while lineman Zach Johson was signed by the Green Bay Packers

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