VP Mike Pence doesn’t wear mask during tour of Mayo Clinic

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Vice President Mike Pence tours Mayo Clinic to see how doctors are treating the coronavirus.

Pence visited with people who recovered from Covid-19 and are donating plasma. The hope is the antibodies from the patients will help defeat the virus in those getting a transfusion.

Pence thanks the clinic for what he says leading on this treatment. He says Mayo has been the lead institution on plasma donation since the process was green lit on April 3.

“No surprise to anyone that knows the Mayo Clinic, you didn’t wait to be asked. Even before the FDA made its announcement, you were already part of the blood plasma initiative of physicians and investigators harnessing the power of 40 different institutions around America,” Pence said.

Mayo Tweet

In a since deleted tweet, Mayo Clinic says it informed Pence of its policy requiring everyone to wear a mask.

The clinic asked Pence for the federal government to continue funding clinical trials there since 90% of their patients are on one.

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