Advocacy Groups Call For Increased Worker and Family Protections

FARGO, N.D. – A group of North Dakota advocacy organizations are calling for stronger policies to be put in place to protect workers and families during the COVID-19 crisis.

The group is asking for elected officials to enact policy that would provide safety equipment and safer work environments for front line workers and those returning back to work, a moratorium on eviction and late fees, a revamped unemployment system, and paid family and medical leave.

The group is calling the policy recommendations “WE STAND Together.”

“We are going to see people months from now really struggling, and we are going to see more calls. If we don’t have the resources now, we aren’t going to have the resources then, and I would rather do something preventative now on this end, rather then try to figure out how to help people on the back end,” said Cody Schuler, Executive Director of the FM Coalition to End Homelessness.

The group is also asking to ensure that all North Dakotans have access to affordable public and private health insurance and for state agencies to commit support for educational professionals.

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