Grand Forks Mayor Michael Brown kicks off re-election campaign

Mayor Brown is running for his sixth consecutive term as Mayor

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — The June 9th election in Grand Forks will feature four candidates for mayor.

Incumbent Michael Brown has launched his campaign to earn the job for a sixth consecutive term and will be running against Robin David, Brandon Bochenski, and write-in candidate Art Bakken.

Mayor Brown says he wants to continue his leadership in the city to see through projects that will be a part of the billion dollar boom in Grand Forks.

Those projects include a hotel events center in downtown, Grand Forks Water Treatment Plant redevelopment, and making the Grand Forks Herald building a community collaborative center.

“The big thing in the future I see coming is a Microsoft Tech Park where we use a downtown technology park,” said Mayor Brown. “We get young entrepreneurs and bring other professionals into our community to improve the quality of our lives. I would like another four years to finish these projects and start these new ones.”

Supporters say Mayor Brown’s selflessness gives them the confidence that he is the right person to make sure these projects are accomplished.

“He doesn’t have a hidden agenda. He is not trying to push a development in an area that might benefit him. He is all about making Grand Forks grow and become a better place,” said Mayor Brown’s campaign chair Dave McFarlane.

Mayor Brown also says he hopes to see things through as the city deals with issues around the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had a great start these last two years and now it is just minor setback. I think Grand Forks will emerge from this even stronger if we work together and that has been the key landmark of my administration,” Mayor Brown said.

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