Health Experts Discuss How To Deal With Isolation And Family Tension Amid COVID-19

She encourages people to find a hobby at home, whether that is knitting, painting, or doing puzzles.

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Mental health professionals say they’ve been kept busy with patients as the coronavirus creates tension between some families.

“Family dynamic questions, how to deal with increased family stress, increase behavior from kids, lots of, lots of different things.,” says Christina Smestad, Mental Health Professional, The Village Family Service Center.

They say it’s important for families to find a space in their home where they can have a moment by themselves.

“Take breaks throughout the day from each other, especially with the distant learning with parents being teachers, give the kids some breaks in there, let them run around outside. I think allowing them to have a little time of separation,” she says.

For people going through COVID-19 alone, distraction is key.

“Try to do some breathing exercises, some meditation, go for a walk, get some sunshine, engage with their friends and family over the internet. Because even though they call it social distancing, really it’s physical distancing. We don’t have to socially isolate ourselves,” Smestad adds.

Smestad wants parents to stop putting pressure on themselves.

“Not focus so much on the day to day, things you need to get done and things that are piling up to do, but just focusing on making my kids feel loved and safe,” she says.

The Village Family Center will remain closed to through May 31st, but services will continue to be provided through telehealth.


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