DGF Post 397 Planning for Alternative Options for Season When Safe

Minnesota American Legion Season was Canceled on May 9

DILWORTH, Minn. — Two weeks after the North Dakota Legion Baseball Committee decided to cancel its summer season, Minnesota has followed suit. With the decision comes the end for the country’s biggest contingent of legion teams with over 357 clubs in the state. One of those is DGF’s Post 397 club team.

Last August, Post 397 took home its first division two state championship in a win over Caledonia. The chance to defend that crown now has to be put on hold until 2021.

With the seniors on the team not getting their shot at a final high school or legion baseball season, head coach Allen Krueger said the hardest part was telling them the news, however, did not rule out some sort of return to the field later in the summer as an alternative option.

“This are good guys. A lot of program’s have good guys and they’re really passionate about the game,” Krueger said. “Some would say ‘hey its baseball. We need to take a year off and not do this.’ That may certainly be the case if we have restrictions in place and can’t do this thing, we understand that. But if we can give any sort of baseball to our seniors and the chance to play the game that they’re passionate about, were going to try to have something in place. We keep in touch with texting and communicate back and forth. We understand that its disappointing.”

The American Legion canceled its regional tournaments and World Series back on April 7.

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