One Killed, One Injured in Deadly North Fargo Shooting

Police say that the danger to the public is over, and they have all persons involved in the deadly shooting in custody.

FARGO, ND – Two arrests are made in a deadly early morning shooting Tuesday in Fargo.

21-year-old Reng Ayong of Fargo faces a number of charges including reckless endangerment and possession of a stolen automobile. 28-year-old Darrell Simmons, who has no permanent address, is being held for criminal conspiracy.

“Everybody is like going crazy. Go home, lock yourself up, I don’t care, but stay out of our neighborhood,” said frightened neighbor, Stacie Halbakken-Zeller.

Neighbors near 7th St and 25th Ave N in North Fargo were startled awake by the sound of a car crashing.

“It was loud. I don’t know if it was them hitting a curb or them hitting a sign, but it was loud,” said Cassie Hanson, who lived only hundreds of feet away from the accident.

The car accident was only a part of the story however.

Police would receive a report of gunshots at 7:44 AM near the scene of the accident.

As police and first responders arrived on the scene, they attempted CPR on one person, who would die at the scene. Another person was taken to a local hospital for surgery.

“Any day that there is a shooting in Fargo, that’s unusual. We are working diligently to make sure their community is safe,” said Jessica Schindeldecker of the Fargo Police Department.

Police say that the danger to the public is over, and they have all persons involved in the deadly shooting in custody.

Despite bullet holes in the windshield of the car, neighbors who lived hundreds of feet away from the accident say they didn’t hear any gunshots.

“There was no noise, no nothing, I sat here for two hours without knowing anything,” said Halbakken-Zeller.

Neighbors say they are scared about the violence finally hitting their neighborhood.

“I have a child, I guess I’m not really worried for myself, but for her… and for all the kids in the neighborhood, there’s a lot of young kids in the neighborhood, that’s kind of worrisome to me,” said Hanson.

“This isn’t normal. It’s a quiet, quiet neighborhood,” said Halbakken-Zeller, “North Fargo is an old community, with a lot of young families coming in with young kids.”

“The police department understands how unnerving this type of incident can be, especially in close proximity to a lot of residential homes, and a place where people come to buy there groceries,” said Schindeldecker, “We do our best every single day to make sure that we respond as quickly as possible and get the persons in custody who are responsible for these violent crimes.”

Two men are under arrest in the case.

Reng Ayong, 21 years old of Fargo, has been arrested for Reckless Endangerment, Possession of a Stolen Automobile, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and Felony Theft of Property.

Darrell Simmons, 28 years old with no permanent address, has been arrested for Criminal Conspiracy.

This incident continues to be an active investigation.

The case still remains under investigation. KVRR will have updates as the case develops.

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