NCAA Division II Reduces Number of Games for Upcoming Academic Year

Decision made by NCAA's D-II Presidents Council

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — When heading out to Minnesota-State Moorhead athletic events this upcoming season, you’ll see fewer games played on the Dragons schedule. This decision was made for all division two programs coming from the NCAA’s Division II President’s Council for one sports academic year.

The council says its in response to help schools manage the economic fallout that comes from the COVID-19 pandemic. Depending on what gets decided on the fall sports season, football will drop one game from 11 total to 10, soccer from 21 to 14 and volleyball from 30 to 20.

Among the other sports later in the winter and spring, men’s and women’s basketball goes from a max of 26 games to 22 that includes conference challenge and season tip-offs games, which are usually exempt. Softball drops 12 games from 56 to 44.

You can find the full list of proposed minimums and maximums by clicking here.

MSUM Athletic Director Doug Peters joins Nick Couzin tomorrow for more on the decision.

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