ND June primary election will have mail-in ballots only

NORTH DAKOTA – North Dakota counties are conducting the June primary election by mail-in ballots only.

The auditors in all 53 counties want voters to know that no polling locations will be open on June 9th due to COVID-19 concerns.

Cass County Officials have already sent out more than 33,00 ballots last week and have received about 1,000.

Voters are encouraged to complete their application and mail it to their county auditor by May 28th in order to receive their ballot on time.

“A lot of people think of the primaries as well, you know, that’s the primary, I’ll get a shot at it again in the fall. The importance of the primary in North Dakota is that it’s also your city election, your park district election and your school district election. And this is the only time you get to vote on that,” Cass County Auditor said.

Click here to request a mail-in ballot.

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