4E Winery Opening On Sunday With New Guidelines In Place

The Winery says they will also be sanitizing every table between guests as well as frequently used surfaces.

MAPLETON, N.D. – The Winery was supposed to reopen its doors on May 2, but COVID-19 changed those plans

“We would’ve been here doing tasting, just like normal, you know, people coming in, we’d want lots of people to come and have people hanging out all over,” says Lisa Cook, the co-owner of 4E Winery.

They will now reopen on Sunday.

In preparation for the big day, the winery has put some new guidelines in place.

“We’re actually going to ask that we limit 10 to a group. More typically four people, two people, maybe six people. And of course we will expect and hope that they are people that are comfortable sitting together,” she says.

If your group is larger than four, they encourage you to make reservations beforehand.

The winery has also changed the way they will interact with customers.

“We are now going to be going to flights of three. So, people can choose three wines of their choice and then we will deliver it to their table, tell them a little bit about it, we’ll have some written matters, so they can read about it, and then we always welcome questions, but we’re just trying to limit our exposure to them and their exposure to us,” she adds.

The owners and employees will be wearing face masks while attending to customers and suggest guests to do the same.

“We would ask if people would wear a mask, maybe when they arrive, maybe when they’re up and moving around,” Cook says.

For the owners, it was important to provide a space where people can enjoy the weather and escape the city for a few hours while also making sure they feel safe and comfortable.

‘It’s been a lot of anxiety and wine, tasting wine, drinking wine, is very relaxing. So, why not come back out here and you know, sit down and relax and kind of, get your mind off of what’s going on in the world right now,” Cook adds.

The winery has also limited the amount of tables to three inside the testing room to maintain a six foot distance between groups.

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