Officer Holte’s procession ends in Halstad, hometown community joins to pay their respects

Grand Forks police officer Cody Holte was born and raised in Halstad, MN.

HALSTAD, Minn. — A parade of vehicles filled Interstate-29 just south of Grand Forks at the end of the funeral services for Cody Holte.

Their destination was Halstad, Minnesota; the town where Holte grew up.

“Of course it means a lot to us for them to come through,” said Halstad Mayor, Lori DeLong. “That means a lot to everybody. Those of us who couldn’t get to the funeral, at least we could show our respects this way.”

It was a fitting ending to a day spent honoring the fallen police officer.

Halstad is a small community, and the people who live there know the Holte family well. Not only did Cody and his siblings spend their childhoods there, but both of his parents still work in town.

That is why the news hit close to home for so many.

“Everyone knows everyone. Cody and his brother and sister. They have all grown up here,”  said DeLong. “All of our hearts are deeply saddened. We are heartbroken.”

The heartbreak could be seen and felt by the people around town who came to watch the procession. For them, it was important for the Holte family to know Cody is still very much a part of this community. Although Holte had since moved on from where he spent his childhood, he will always have a special place there.

“Of course he had made a new home with his wife and child up in Grand Forks, but this is his home too. He grew up here in Halstad,” said DeLong.

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