“Is anyone listening to us cry?” Protesters march in Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS, N.D. РHundreds of protesters  took to the streets over the death of George Floyd.

“Sandra Bland, the Castiles and the list goes on and on and is anybody listening to us? Is anyone listening to us cry? All we want is justice,” Larry Hampton of Grand Forks said.

Protests organizers and Grand Forks Police walked side by side some in the march wore badge number 639 Cody’s Holte”s number

“I think it goes to show that the draw between law enforcement and the community is not mutually exclusive. It’s mutually supportive,” Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson said.

Organizers along the route worked to make sure no violence or damaging of any property would happen on their watch.

As the route ended the people kept marching.

Police did keep with the route and organizers were able to return the crowd back to the finish line

“In a city like this you see it everyday people just come out and support and tell you that they don’t understandm but they understand and it went beautifully and I just want to thank everyone for coming out,” Organizer Kollin King said.

Police we spoke to say they were peacefully able to clear everyone out on these streets.

Another thing we kept hearing from is they wanted this to be a peaceful example of how a community can come together and have a dialogue.

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