Kindred Football Finding Ways to Be Creative With Offseason Workouts

Using School's Parking Lot and the individual parking spaces to lift

KINDRED, N.D. — As high school athletes look forward to the fall and football season, Kindred is getting creative with how to go about their off-season strength and speed workouts.
It started with an idea to administration from strength coach Kyle Hienze and assistant coaches Nate Safe and Eric Bergad.

With the school’s weight room closed, the team used the parking lot. The individual parking spaces were used for lifting with bench presses and other weights for social distance. Each player was assigned their own spot with workouts catered to skill level.

With missed opportunities in the spring to get competitive, being out and active filled the void.

“Getting our kids together and getting our coaches in front of our athletes and students,” Heinze said. “Being a teacher there, we’ve been online teaching talking to a screen for the last three months. Being able to coach and teach in person just really boosted the morale for everyone. Everything’s going to be different but if you’re willing to sacrifice a few things and be out in the heat and be out in the bugs this morning, then you can get anything done.”

Workouts will continue for three days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


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