Wahpeton Is Left With No Power After Overnight Storm

There was also a lot of toppled trees and branches throughout the city.

WAHPETON, N.D.- The winds from the storm toppled many trees and left the whole city without power at around two o’clock this morning.

“We did lose electricity in the city, most of the city was down for a period of time,” says Public Works Director Dennis Miranowski.

“There were a considerable amount of large trees that came down as well as branches. So, a lot of debris around town,” he says.

Some residents also saw some damage made to their homes.

“There’s one home that we’re aware of where a tree had fallen onto the roof and had damaged the roof. There’s a number of homes that shingles have been blown off, so there’s a lot of that,” Miranowski says.

Public works has been working around the clock to restore power and clear trees and branches from streets and residential areas.

“There’s seven out working right now, and then the sewer and water there’s two, so all hands are on deck and they’re taking care of things,” he adds.

“Within an hour and a half, I know that power was coming back on to our lift stations, so things were back up and running so, that was about the first ones that got their power back on and I think this morning, early this morning, I think everything else was starting to come back up,” he says.

They say they had been keeping an eye on the weather and were prepared for anything that might happen.

“My estimation was a little bit more than what they anticipated, so it seemed like the south part of the community got it worse than the north part of the community, but our crews are out responding to it,” Miranowski adds.

The crews were expecting to be finished cleaning up by the end of the day.

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