MSUM leaders hold discussion to explain what it would mean to defund police

A zoom meeting gave people an open forum to talk about why this would help reform the law enforcement system

MOORHEAD, Minn. –Many across the country are calling to defund the police as a way to reform the law enforcement system.

A group of leaders at MSUM held a Zoom meeting to give people a better understanding of what that would look like.

They say defunding would mean taking money that is given to police forces and instead, putting it towards things that are of greater need to people, like housing, schools and health care clinics.

Supporters say police are not trained to deal with all the issues they are called on for.

“We need fewer armed-sworn officers attending calls for people in distress or welfare checks and we need people who are trained in mental health crisis awareness and chemical dependency issues and counseling issues,” said MSUM’s Jamaal Abegaz.

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