Social Distancing: Help With Masks

Two Words: Duct Tape


You guys are helpful.
I shared yesterday morning how the mask I had been wearing at work broke. One of the dang ear loops broke. It was just a reminder that we’ve been at this social distancing thing for so long masks are wearing out.
It feels like I’m wearing out sometimes. But I’m feeling better this morning. I asked you guys for tips on indestructible masks.
Stephanie actually offered to send me one. She says “I’ve already made about 400 for local individuals and businesses!”
You’re a social distance rock star, Stephanie! That’s very kind, but I do have a couple other masks I can wear out, so please keep helping people who don’t have one yet.

Plus, I can always use the advice Paul gave me on Facebook. He posted a pic of a roll of duct tape.
Yup. Shoulda thought of that earlier. He says duct tape encourages keeping the mask on.

Thanks for the mask advice as we keep on social distancing. Do you have any?
Let me know on Facebook and Twitter.

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