North Dakota Legal Groups React To DACA Supreme Court Vote

President Trump took to Twitter to say the courts won't provide a decision based on the rule of law and he will have to start the process all over again.

FARGO, N.D. — With a 5-4 vote by the Supreme Court thousands of DACA members avoided possible deportation after President Donald Trump planned to cancel the immigration program.

Organizations like Lutheran Social Services and the ACLU are saying this is a big win.

“It allows the folks to work in the United States and prevents them from being deported; and of course the United States gets the benefit of these educated young folks contributing to the economic activities in the United States,” Immigration Services Attorney For Lutheran Social Services Olufemi Adisa said.

Legal experts we spoke to say they do not have an exact number of how many DACA recipients live in North Dakota.

They say this decision is only the first step for further change through providing a pathway to citizenship.

‘For them it would nice to have finality where they don’t have to look over their shoulder every six months or every year or two years or every time they have to reup their status and they can just go about living the American dream,” Advocacy Director for ACLU of North Dakota Dane DeKrey said.

Experts say they worry about the lasting impact on the decision based on the court’s wording.

In the majority opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts says it’s not the court’s decision to decide whether the policy is sound.

He says he made the decision based on the administration not providing a clear legal reason to remove the program.

Experts say the reasoning may open the door for the court to rehear the case.

“The administration could go ahead and perhaps fix that lapse, that inadequacy; go ahead and basically rerun all of this. So there is a possibility of that.”,¬†Adisa said.

DeKrey says the work is as far from done as they will continue to fight for the dreamers and immigration reforms across the country.

“They have played by the rules the moment they learned them, so they deserve that benefit you and I got simply because we had parents who had us in America,” DeKrey says

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