Severe Thunderstorms Leave Damage Behind on Golden Lake

STEELE COUNTY, N.D. — People are picking up the pieces after a severe thunderstorm caused damage near Finley, North Dakota.

Winds tipped boats and pontoons as well as damaging many docks around the lake. Many large trees were also blown over with cabins suffering damage from falling trees and the high winds.

Some of the worst damage was to a cabin which had its roof blown off in the storm.

“The roof and the wall were separating, and it was right in the kitchen and then all of sudden it just blew off,” said Barb Dakken who was in the cabin during the storm.

“Our mom and dad built this place about 45 years ago. Just the two of them and so it means a lot to us,” said Barb’s sister Jane Kleveland.

The sisters hope to fully restore the cabin.

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