OneFargo, Black Lives Matter And The F-M Community March For Change

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney also made an appearance at the march.

FARGO, N.D- “Fargo has to start seeing us as people, North Dakota has to start seeing us as people, the United States has to start seeing us as people.”

It’s a simple request, but one that according to the movement, has yet to be achieved.

That’s why they marched from Island Park to City Hall once again in a peaceful protest to demand the action that was promised by City Officials.

“They were not holding up their end, and we did say on that Friday protest, if we don’t get the changes we seek, we’re back on the streets,”says  Anyiwei Maciek, one of the organizer for OneFargo.

The movement is doing exactly just that.

And on a day that commemorates the liberation of the last enslaved African-Americans.

“We believe that is a reason to celebrate, this is a reason to come out and march, because we are now free, and we want our freedom, we want real freedom. When people say justice for all, we mean all people,” says Frederick Edwards, a member of the Black Lives Matter.

For them, this could not have been possible without the F-M community that has time and time again come through louder than before.

“The support from the community and the love they’re showing us, just makes us want to keep going more. And we’re not going to stop,” says Maciek.

There is a Black Lives Matter march also planned for Saturday .

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney also briefly attended and delivered the signed proclamation by him and Moorhead Mayor Jonathan Judd  declaring Juneteenth a holiday in  those respective cities.

Mahoney is planning to meet with One Fargo and Black Lives Matter on Wednesday at City Hall.

“The more dialogue we have, the better it is for everyone. Because then, we became aware of each other, and how we can make our communities better. So, when I’m looking at this is that many of us might need to be educated, many of us might need to learn some things, but what will come out of it, we will become a better community,” says Mayor Mahoney.

You can find the full proclamation here.

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