Play of the Year Final Four Nominees: June 19

Moorhead, Grand Forks Red River Battle for Fall Sports Title

FARGO, N.D. — The Final Four is here for the 2020 DJ Colter High School Play of the Year Academic Bracket. The second match-up to determine the champion of the fall sports season is between Moorhead’s Maria Zanotti and Grand Forks Red River’s Brady Dvorak.

First play comes from the Spuds and Zanotti, Zanotti scored an impressive goal against Alexandria. The other play comes from Red River and Dvorak. Dvorak returned a kick 90 plus for a touchdown against West Fargo.

Which one is better, that is for you to decide. Go on to our website or on to our twitter page, @KVRRSports, to vote and as always we will announce who becomes the second play of the bracket to make it to the Championship on Monday night’s newscast.

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