OneFargo And BLM Take To Streets Toward Cass County Courthouse Demanding Action

Organizers say it's not about hating law enforcement, it's about having individual accountability

FARGO, N.D. — “Everybody deserves the right to vote, everybody deserves the right to protest and just like the state of emergency everybody has the right to bear arms,” Organizer Frederick Edwards said.

Protesters starting at the Johnson American Legion Field made their way to the Cass County Courthouse demanding action.

Along the route through Downtown Fargo, police helped escort and walk alongside groups of protesters to help guide traffic and keep everyone safe.

Organizers say it’s not about hating law enforcement, it’s about having individual accountability.
Faith Dixon

“They could have chosen not to do this assignment today, but they do because they care, so when I look at them, I don’t look at them as the ones that are hating, I see them as the ones that are showing and caring,” Organizer Faith Dixon said.

The group chose the courthouse because they say they feel shut out by the justice system and are in need of better representation under the law.

“The law is not meant to stand against the people, you’re supposed to stand with the people,” Organizer Wess Philome said.

The group says change needs to come quicker because they will no longer stay silent.

“They have a belief that the only time we can speak is on election day, Mayor Mahoney has a belief that the only time we can speak is on election day so if Mayor Mahoney if you’re listening you’re wrong, Philome said.

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