Mandy George sworn-in as the only female on the West Fargo City Commission

George received the most votes in the June 9th election for city commissioner

WEST FARGO, N.D. — There is a fresh face at the West Fargo City Commission table.

Mandy George received the most votes in the City Commission race and was sworn in at Monday’s commission meeting.

The Bell Bank pilot was born in Moorhead, but moved to West Fargo in 2008 with her now 11-year-old daughter.

George will be the only female on the city commission and is the first woman to be elected since Brenda Warren in 2004.

“There is so many people that would prefer to reach out to a woman or if they have issues, contact a woman,” says George. “I might be more approachable than some of the men. I think it is good to have options on the commission and have a difference of opinion as well.”

George is passionate about making West Fargo the best it can be.

She ran on a a platform that includes reducing property taxes, renewing the city’s downtown and finding news ways to pay for infrastructure.

“The biggest thing I have been working on throughout this whole campaign is to work to end special assessments,” said George. “It has become a really big problem in West Fargo. We are using it to fund pretty much everything in the city and it has caused so many issues for residents and business owners.”

She was sworn in alongside Mark Simmons, who won a fifth term. Her fellow city commission members are happy to have her on board.

“I welcome Ms. George to our commission,” said Commission President, Bernie Dardis. “Obviously she has a great following. She has some people that believe in her. Her life experiences as a mom, a pilot, all of those things will bring another new perspective and I think it’s terrific.”

George says she hopes to address the diversity issues plaguing the area. While she is proud to bring some diversity to the commission as the only female, she hopes to see more people of color get involved in city government.

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